Holztiger Surprise

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how does it work?

it's a monthly subscription service where you'll receive 2 mystery holztiger figures delivered to your door every month.

Enjoy 15% off the shop as an active subscriber, all the time. Some brand exclusions apply.

Renewals occur on the 2nd of each month for next month’s shipment

No Repeats. each holztiger surprise features two original handmade wooden animals

Switch it up, or cancel anytime.

Holztiger Surprise

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  • 2 creatures delivered each month
  • Get 15% off the shop an active subscriber

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active subscribers receive

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Great customer service and quality products.

Megan C.

Arlington, VA


We love our Holztiger subscription! Great balance of animals and sizes. This month was super fun; we received an ostrich and crab, neither of which we own and greatly contribute to our collection. Items are wrapped carefully and shipping is quick. Well worth the money!

Justine S.

Greenville, SC


This is a great gift to enable new parents to try some great wooden open-ended toys. I can’t wait to see what’s in next month’s box!

Meredith B.

Albany, NY


We enjoyed doing the subscription for the year and getting surprise animals and now we are buying each of those animals "families" babies and moms and dads etc. to round out our collection! All of our wooden animals have held up beautifully from lots of imagination filled play from three little kids ranging in age from 1-8. Highly recommend.

Wendy H.

Goodyear, AZ

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upgraded 18% off the shop*

($299.97 / year)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 454 reviews
Had to cancel our subscription after many years…

We’ve been customers here a long time and have had our Holztiger subscription for 4 years. Unfortunately due to several months of extremely delayed shipping, zero communication, multiple duplicates even though we are promised not to get duplicates, and never hearing back from customer service about order inquiries, we had to cancel our subscription. The second week of June we still hadn’t received our April&May subscription and I had emailed customer service with no response, after a week of waiting I tried to contact someone in the Facebook group with no reply. Another few days went by without reply and I finally was able to reach someone via Instagram but it still took several days for someone to assist me. I completely understand that things are tough right now for everyone, especially small businesses. But, it doesn’t cost much to have good customer service and I shouldn’t have to go way out of my way to get answers about why my order from over two months ago still hasn’t shipped. Normally I don’t leave bad reviews but several others have also inquired on in reply to my Facebook inquiry with no answers as well and it’s just super frustrating that loyal paying customers aren’t getting any responses or updates about their orders that are almost 3&4 months late. If an email had been sent explaining things were delayed and we were given an estimated time frame, I would have been completely okay with that but nothing was sent. I was happy with the assistance I received when I was able to contact someone and I am grateful for that but it definitely wasn’t a good experience after being such a long time customer.

Katie C.
First Month

This was our first month with the subscription and we have been so happy with the toys we received!! She is still a little young but we love stacking them up and knocking them down. Such amazing quality and so fun seeing which animals we got!

Unorganized & not worth the money

I have been charged for months of my subscription with sometimes never getting a delivery. I have had to email this company multiple times to follow up on our orders. There is no set date for when they ship out the subscription box. It’s random
And different every month and sometimes they forget months. For $30 you would think oh wow that’s a good deal 2 toys. No it’s not they send the tinest ones that are worth nothing. You’re better off just buying what you like from other boutiques. They are not professional or prompt.

Paige F.
Love the animals but….

I love the wooden animals and not knowing which ones we are getting but ot takes forever to ship !!!!!! 😫😫😫😫I get charged the 2nd of the month and it usually doesn’t ship till like the last day of the month.

Molica N.
Love the quality and the pieces that come each month!

Highly recommend signing up! Great quality toys that will be cherished for years to come!