about us

 Discovering new and fun children's items is kind of our thing!

We started by sharing little bits of our lives on Instagram, and
eventually fell in love with the community around kid's fashion and trends.
Now, we simply can't keep it to ourselves!


What is Why and Whale?

The Why and Whale Surprise Pack was born of a love of great quality products for our children to grow with. We're not alone in being picky about what we buy for our children. We know there are many other parents just like you who carefully consider what you bring home to your little ones. With our subscription, we hope to inspire creativity, engage emotional and intellectual growth, and through dress up and play, we give kids space to explore their individuality to develop strong personalities!

What's in a name?

We're often asked how the name "Why and Whale" came to be. My oldest child, Violet, had trouble pronouncing the 'v' sound when she first started saying her name, so she'd call herself "why" and eventually "why-let".  Then along came her little brother, Vale, who she called "whale".  From that point on, 'Why and Whale' just clicked and became their new moniker! They've been our inspiration in many aspects of our lives  and we can't wait to share it with you.